Blogging our path towards decentralized discourse.

At Capsule Social, we've been building the future of decentralized discourse on top of performant, well-designed decentralization tech, cryptographic tech and blockchain tech.

We're very excited to announce that our private alpha, fully running on our decentralized OrbitDB/IPFS architecture with chain infrastructure hosted through NEAR, is now operational.

Social feeds that feel familiar. A writing experience for casual users as well as for journalists, scientists and social critics. Content monetization via fiat as well as crypto, and much more – all packaged in a user experience that makes no sacrifices in usability.

The team that's making it happen...

Before going forward, I'd like to thank our team of dedicated, intelligent, skilled and hard-working engineers that's making this happen. Jack, Aimee, Henry and Lilian on the front-end, as well as Christos, Ashutosh and Rahul on the back-end.

The front-end team's diligent work is what is leading to Capsule having a user experience that's unmatched in the Web3 social space, on par with Web2 giants:

Our back-end team's efforts are making it such that posts can be written and published instantly across a fully decentralized infrastructure:

We're also excited to welcome David, who's starting with us next week (right as the entire team flies into Paris for a week-long workshop!) to work on token engineering and strategy. still hiring.

Capsule Social is at an incredibly exciting phase where we've build the best social experience of Web3, and we're priming to take on the usability and feature set of legacy Web2 platforms. We think that we have a shot at going where no decentralized platform has been able to reach before when it comes to combining tech, features, reach and decentralization. And we're looking for a Payments Engineer and a Content Marketing Director to come join our team.

Our future is full of big ideas.

We're at the cusp of presenting a serious challenge to the centralized norm of self-expression online. From now until our projected public beta, we'll be thinking about how to best address the needs of content creators and readers more generally as well as Web3 enthusiasts.

More than ever, we're expanding our discussions with technical partners, content partners as well as investors as we move forward towards a public launch.

As always, we'd love to hear from you on our Discord.

But either way, stay tuned for a big update from our Paris meetup next week.

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