Blogging our path towards decentralized discourse.

Hi everyone! I'm Nadim, Capsule Social's CEO, and I'm here with what we're hoping will be a steady stream of updates until we launch our public beta later this year.

It's been a while since we've said anything substantial on what we've been working on, so I'll try to put some extra effort into this update in particular.

Decentralized Discourse R&D.

How are things going? Well, more or less like this:

TL;DR: If you're a Substack user, we want you to know that Capsule Social's upcoming platform will be simply the better bet for you. It'll give your newsletter the chance to be part of the pseudonymous economy thanks to full pseudonymity support, the chance to accept cryptocurrency subscription payments, real decentralization and resistance to social and political pressure, a superior user interface that matches the performance of centralized tech... the list goes on.

What am I talking about, you ask? Let's do a Q&A round for this.

What am I looking at?

We've thought a lot about things, and we're basically building a user experience that combines elements of Substack and elements of Twitter and makes a decentralized platform out of it. Let's expand a bit on this:

  • Substack-like element: we think that efforts like Twitter's Bluesky are making a mistake in focusing on traditional tweet-like short-form content, because the problem of healthy decentralized discourse is not just a tech problem; it's also a content problem. More on that in a bit.
  • Twitter-like element: we think we can do better than Substack in terms of virality and content reach, so we'll be taking in some Twitter-like elements such as retweeting, having a profile and a feed, being able to follow folks — but without the less productive elements such as a gamified "like" button, or opaque content sorting algorithms that end up prioritizing what shows up on your screen in unknowable ways.

This will take a lot of polish, but we're hoping to come up with a mix that will encourage more nuanced self-expression without compromising on virality and reach. We want to be the platform where the entire Internet does better on discussing topics that matter, controversial topics involving wildly disagreeing points of view, and we want decentralization to allow these discussions to pan out without otherization, ostracization, social pressure and other elements that lead to implicit or explicit forms of censorship.

And for that to work out, we'll need to also rethink how we approach comments, replies and follow-ups to posts: we're working on an entirely new way to comment where people can both express their emotional reaction to something while also qualifying that reaction with a thought-out comment. This aspect is still under heavy development, but here's a small and very out-of-context preview:

Decentralized Discourse R&D is an interesting thing.

What about the underlying tech?

We've prototyped on GUN and DFINITY, and are currently building a lot of our stack on IPFS with plans to loop back to DFINITY for some engineering problems we're going to face near the end of the road. That's all I'll say for now. The decentralization space needs a lot of work.

Did someone say token?!

Well, uh, not really, but anyway, we want our platform's token to actually make sense for the user, so we're experimenting with the best ways to incentivize decentralized counteractions to abusive content, decentralized backing of at-risk content, and more. We want tokens to promote pro-discourse behavior, and not, you know, just be there so that we can attract the Internet's attention with how we have a token and how blockchain's going to change everything.

What's taking you guys so long?!

Building an entirely new, polished user experience for substantive, creative discourse on top of experimental decentralized technology, and making sure the entire thing performs well enough to not make users relapse onto Substack and Twitter takes time and effort. Not to mention building a team to bring the vision to life, listening to advisors and investors, etc. etc.

We're planning to launch a public beta by the end of the year. Other than that, you'll have to be patient with us very much in the same way as people are patient with Blizzard when they announce they're working on a new Diablo. It'll be released when it's ready.

Introducing our team.

Hey, look, we're an actual team now! After sincere efforts spanning multiple months, we've been able to sift through the torrent of CVs that have been sent our way to pick out a team of eight talented, driven and creative engineers, researchers and designers. Take a look at the Team page to meet Ashutosh, Jack, Henry, Christos, Magali and Aimee.

We're still hiring! Our Jobs page currently has two listings, with more undoubtedly on the way still:

  • Token Specialist: you'll be in charge of designing and guiding the implementation of Capsule Social's utility token and ensure that goals are clear and well-aligned with the strategic objectives and technical constraints of the company. Eventually, you'll be working with a Token Engineer, a Token Economist and a Token Data Scientist and leading that team into producing a utility token to motivate healthy decentralized discourse.
  • Content Marketing Director: you'll be in charge of all content activities, end-to-end. From conceiving effective strategies to reporting results. In perspective, this role may grow to become the company Chief Marketing Officer. You'll develop a content strategy for Capsule Social, help maintain our online presence, and build a coterie of content creators, social critics, economists and journalists that are interested in contributing to decentralized discourse.

All of our employees benefit from being able to work on building decentralized tech that matters, on top of, of course, competitive compensation and benefits.

Join the discussion.

We want you to be involved. Join our Discord and tell us what you think about what you've just read. Also, follow us on Twitter for a series of exceptionally one-sided proclamations on what we're doing!

Oh, also. We have a new logo.

Capsule Corporation is excited for its flight to Planet Namek!

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