Blogging our path towards decentralized discourse.

If you signed up to hear more about Capsule Social, then your concerns regarding Facebook’s tearing down of online privacy were likely only magnified with Twitter’s recent brazen attacks on freedom of expression.

How much longer until what happened with Parler starts happening to Substack?

We’re working on a solution that uses common-sense technology, that’s lightweight, secure, and a pleasure to use.

We call it Capsule.

Capsule aims to build an open source foundation that’s:

  • Lightweight. You’ll be able to set Capsule up on a tiny VM with a single command.
  • Secure. Capsule will use state of the art cryptography to guarantee authentication of your posts across the mesh, so that you can’t be impersonated or silenced.
  • User-friendly. We’re not looking to impress you with “quantum blockchains” or other mumbo jumbo. We want you to employ your rights to free expression and to feel comfortable in doing so.

Capsule will form a mesh where microservices are discovered organically by content consumers simply accessing the Capsule microservice of the author they’re looking to follow.

This leads to true decentralization, since people discover the whole Capsule mesh through people they’re interested in following, and not through a single website, app or service!

A Note From the Founder

In the past decade of my work on online privacy and applied cryptography, I’ve reviewed hundreds of codebases for cryptographic software. I’ve debated the merits of online privacy proposals on an international scale, and I’ve brought academic formal methods for determining strong cryptography closer to real-world engineering.

I want to use that experience to solve what I think is the most important problem facing online freedom of expression in this coming year. Thanks to early backing from Balaji Srinivasan, William J. Pulte and Wamda Capital, we’re hoping to launch a prototype of Capsule in early March.

Along the way, we’ll send updates for technologists looking to help, for investors looking to contribute, and for users keen to beta test.

I want you to know that I am sincerely thankful for your interest in Capsule and for your faith in what we’re preparing. Thank you for signing up. This email consists of an introduction and a first attempt to show you how we’re taking your interest into consideration.

Thanks again for your interest and for your support. Stay in touch.

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