Blogging our path towards decentralized discourse.

Update (Feb. 22, 2021): Capsule Social is now also looking for a front-end engineer to help build decentralized discourse.

If you have a background in writing clean, maintanable front-end code using Vue.js and you sport an allergy to technical debt, come work for us.

We’re looking for candidates all over the globe to come help make Capsule a reality.

Interested? Send a portfolio/CV to, or simply join our Discord so you can get to know us better.

Come help build decentralized discourse at Capsule.

We’re grateful towards how our vision for decentralized social media, where content creators, writers and thinkers have agency over their speech and resilience from takedowns, has been met by a wide audience.

We’ll keep this short and sweet: thanks to major backing from Polychain Capital as well as pre-seed backing from Wamda Capital, Pulte Capital, Castle Island Ventures and other angel investors, we’re now ready for our first big ask from you: we want your talent on board.

We’re looking for a UX designer to join the Capsule team and help us prepare our prototype for a March release. You’ll be helping design the user experience for true decentralized discourse for a team that care about owning the technology; we’d rather set the platform and the content free.

We’re also looking for a program manager with a background in managing small startup teams to help us handle overhead as we grow.

If that’s you, get in touch via email at

We’re also looking to talk big picture with enthusiasts on our new Discord.

If you care about decentralized discourse and have something to share, we’re looking forward to talking with you on our Discord.

Finally, we also have a new Twitter account, over at @capsule_social.

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