Blogging our path towards decentralized discourse.

Hi, everyone, and thanks for your interest in building decentralized discourse.

We're working hard on building a place where intellectuals can share ideas that stands against takedowns and other forms of silencing and intimidation.

We're making big progress on building the world's best team for applied decentralized technology for self-expression. We have cryptographers, decentralized tech experts, front-end engineers, user experience designers and more on board.

We're hiring multiple decentralized technology and IPFS engineers to push things forward even more.

As an engineer at Capsule, your days will be filled with all sorts of fascinating challenges, from building robust IPFS-based publishing solutions, to simplifying the complexities of blockchain, cryptography, and digital identity into usable and effective tools.

It’s going to be difficult and intellectually challenging, which is what makes it fun.

You’ll need to be a developer with a few years of relevant experience, a security mindset, a background in cryptography.

You have two options:

Or, you know, why not both?

We hope to hear from you soon.

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